Songs I've written


  • The Biggest Lie 
    • A song about leaving a long-term relationship after much contemplation.
  • Bonnie Baccalieu 
    • Written for good friends who carried on a man's legacy by completing the boat he never got to finish building. Co-written with Katherine Heim.


  • Cabin Made for Two 
    • A song for my father based on our trips to the salt mine in Pugwash, Nova Scotia when I was a kid.
  • Call Me if You're Sad 
    • Written in memory of my friend, Logan Boudreau, who passed away from cancer in 2016 at the age of 21.
  • Caribou
    • A song about the sinking of the SS Caribou in 1942. This song was inspired by a true story about one of the passengers.
  • Cayley's Song 
    • Written in memory of my friend, Cayley Fox, who passed away in 2016 after a battle with depression.
  • Charlie's Lament
    • A song about a ghost who haunts a farmhouse in Queens County, Nova Scotia. Co-written with Katherine Heim.
  • Chasing Dreams 
    • A song about trying to make it big and my philosophy that playing for people is what music is all about.
  • Come to Cape Breton 
    • A sing-along song and tribute to the place I call home.
  • Could I Be Your Man 
    • A song about the one you love being with someone else. This was my first attempt at writing an old country song.


  • Drive 
    • A song about taking it easy on the weekend.


  • Face the Rhythm 
    • A song about coming to terms with the fact that the person who is breaking up with you has seen things in you that you were unable to see.
  • Forever 
    • A song about finding the one for you. Even though they are with someone else, you are willing to wait for them.


  • The Ghost of the Keltic 
    • A song written about Henry and Julia Corson, the original owners of the land in Cape Breton where the Keltic Lodge stands today. Rumour has it Julia's ghost still haunts the property.
  • Grandad Do You Hear Me 
    • Written for my grandfather, Estwood Davidson. This song tells his story and how he has inspired my musical career.



  • I Drink to Remember 
    • Although I didn't grow up in a household with alcohol, this song is for anyone who struggled with alcohol addiction.
  • I Made it Home 
    • A song about finally knowing where you belong. This was written for my master's cohort.


  • Joey's Song
    • A song writing in memory of my dear friend Joey Murray, known affectionately to many as Hank, Jr. A lover of country music, this song recognizes that his shoes will never be filled.


  • Lady Grey 
    • A song about the Grey Lady of Citadel Hill in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Rumour has it her ghost can still be seen to this day.
  • Leaving it Behind 
    • A song about young people going out west to work. In rural Cape Breton, this was and still is the norm.
  • The Life of a Cowboy 
    • I always wanted to write a song set in the Wild West. This song is about a cowboy who realizes the world is leaving them behind.
  • Lovin' You 
    • This was my attempt at writing a wedding song. This one is for anyone who has found their special someone.


  • Makin' Hay 
    • Despite my lack of knowledge of farming, this song was an attempt at writing a story that included a stereotypical country innuendo.
  • The Miner 
    • A song about fluorspar mining in Newfoundland. Its similarities to Cape Breton coal mining inspired the song.
  • My Christmas Wish for You 
    • I always wanted to write a Christmas song. This is a song that conveys the true meaning of Christmas.



  • The Ode to Strachan Cove 
    • In my hometown of St. Peter's, we joke that the first ice of the year signals all the ice fishers to come out of hiding for the winter and head down to Strachan's Cove. This song serves to commemorate all the days I saw them hard at work.
  • The One 
    • A song written for the person who means the most to you.
  • Out with the Old 
    • When the old one-lane swing bridge in St. Peter's was decommissioned in 2016, the salvageable parts were repurposed and used in other structures. This song, from the bridges perspective, talks about how new technology can never replace the impact our old infrastructure had on our history.



  • The Sailors of Barra 
    • A song about five sailors from Barra, Scotland who perished in the Halifax Explosion.
  • So I Believe 
    • A song about your faith being tested until you meet someone you believe only God could have brought to you.
  • So Special to Me 
    • A song for my late grandmother, Peggy Landry. This is the first song I ever wrote.
  • The Stories of My Life 
    • A song about dementia and nursing homes. Written with inspiration from my late grandfather, Cletus Landry.
  • Strong 
    • A song honouring my uncle, Bradly Boucher, who passed away in 2017 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.


  • That Song 
    • A song about listening to songs that bring you right back to a specific place in time.


  • When I Need Love 
    • A song about two people secretly longing for each other. Co-written with Katherine Heim.
  • Winds of Change 
    • A song about someone changing your life.